Part of our replies to the committee’s questions on the team:

♣  What does “cynefo” mean?

“Synnefo” /ˈsinɛfɔ/ is the Greek word for cloud. The inspiration for this name came directly from our modus operandi.

♣  Is cynefo really a team or is it just some friends who got together?

Most of us have worked in pairs and there is some professional experience between us. However, the rationale of assembling “cynefo” team is clearly to serve the project’s needs. Continue reading



Cynefo is the name we picked for our small team, considering that “synnefo” is the Greek word for “cloud”.

It represents our mode of operation, so far. It is also related to both our project ideas, PodCust and SoNewz, submitted to the Uutisraivaaja Innovation Contest, on January 17th, 2013.

The members of our team are tech-oriented, skilled, resourceful, agile, talented, actively involved in what’s going on. It’s a multidisciplinary group, currently situated in four countries and three different timezones. Yet, today’s network tools allow us to work as if we were in the same room, on the same conference table, the entire time.

With 105 ideas in this year’s contest, there’s bound to be a race among teams of various backgrounds. It makes our task even more exciting, having to compete with so many bright young people.

Good luck to all participants!